Class Structure

All classes are run the same way. Students should arrive 15 minutes before the class is scheduled to start, to warm-up and to help the Instuctor when required.

Opening of Class

On the Instructor’s command, students will line up according to rank and seniority. The highest ranking member will be on the right. The Instructor will take position in the front centre of the class. The highest ranking member will say the commands:

  • Cha Ryut (Attention)
  • Kukgi Bae Rye (Salute the flag)
  • Ba Ro (Return)
  • Muk Yum (Meditation)
  • Ba Ro (Return)
  • Cha Ryut (Attention)
  • Sah Bum Nim E Kyung Yet (Bow to Instructor)

Content of the Class

The majority of the classes will contain learning and practicing all Dragon Tang Soo Do techniques, which include:

  • Basic Techniques: Stances, kick techniques, hand techniques and blocks.
  • Self Defence: Techniques used to defend against grabs and attacks.
  • Hyungs (forms/patterns): Predetermined sequential moves against imaginary opponents.
  • One-Step Sparring: Predetermined counter attackes practiced against a partner.
  • Free Sparring: Semi-contact fighting against a partner.

Closing of Class

Classes will end the same way as the Opening of Class. All students should help to clean up the Dojang (Training Hall) after the class has finished.

Dates for your Diary

20 December 2017

Instructor/3rd Dan and above Class, 7pm start:

No pre-event information right now. Do continue to check as we may update this section with relevant information closer to the event start.

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