Club Rules

  1. Arrive at least 15 minutes before the class is scheduled to start.
  2. Do not wear any type of jewellery in class.
  3. Salute the flag when entering and leaving the Dojang (Training Hall).
  4. Avoid taking part in loud or controversial activities. Students should remain silent, especially during the Start and End of class.
  5. Warm up prior to class.
  6. Do not chew gum.
  7. Wear a clean white Dobohk (Uniform) with no markings except the Dragon Tang Soo Do Badge’s.
  8. Use water only to wash out your mouth during training.
  9. All students should help in cleaning the Dojang, since a high level of cleanliness must be maintained.
  10. Students should notify their Instructor in advance of any absence.
  11. Instructors and Black Belts should always be addressed in a respectful manner.
  12. Maintain a positve, respectful, and well disciplined attitude at all times.
  13. Observe the rules of Dragon Tang Soo Do to the best of your ability.

Dates for your Diary

20 December 2017

Instructor/3rd Dan and above Class, 7pm start:

No pre-event information right now. Do continue to check as we may update this section with relevant information closer to the event start.

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