The Vision & Goals of DTSD

The vision of Dragon Tang Soo Do is one where people can practice the Martial Arts in a safe and controlled environment. Dragon Tang Soo Do will strive to retain the important traditional aspects of Tang Soo Do, whilst being adaptable and open to new techniques and ideas. Our Instructors and senior grades will endeavour to provide instruction and guidance in a way that does not prejudice any student and will enhance the development of all, both in and out of the Dojang (Training Hall). It is important that people enjoy the learning experience provided by Dragon Tang Soo Do.


  • To develop any individual’s mental and physical health.
  • To build confidence in all who practice Dragon Tang Soo Do.
  • To have a reputation as an organisation of quality martial artists.
  • To provide scheduled events to suport the development of all.
  • To set and maintain high standards.
  • To build healthy relationships with other martial art organisations, in the interest of sharing best practices and continually developing the level of knowledge of the instructors and senior members.
  • To maintain a balance between organisational cost effectiveness and the cost to the practioner.
  • To provide a challenging, fun environment that keeps the safety of all in mind.


Every single person counts and everyone has a justifiable expectation to be treated with dignity and respect. that’s why through our ‘vision and goals’ the Directors, Masters and Instructors of Dragon Tang Soo Do are committed to ensuring that our Association respects and celebrates diversity and that all members are helped and encouraged to reach their full potential. Central to this we accept that we are all different and believe that everyone should be treated in an honest, fair and transparent manner in which their individuality should be celebrated and not used as a possible means of discrimination or barrier to achievement. If you feel there is anything more we can do to improve the way we treat our students then please speak to an Instructor, Master, Director or Master Thomas our Diversity Lead.

Dates for your Diary

2 February 2019

Gup Grading, 10am start:

School open from 9am to set up

                Hall 1                            Hall 2
10.00am  White Belts                   Orange Belts

From 11.00am Green...

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6 February 2019

Black Belt Pre-Test, 7pm start:

No pre-event information right now. Do continue to check as we may update this section with relevant information closer to the event start.

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17 February 2019

Club competition at Fuerteventura. For full details check out the competition pages or click the links below.

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